Monday, August 24, 2009

The Trap

Finally finished watching all three parts of the documentary The Trap. Another great one from Adam Curtis, IMHO. If you haven't seen his others, specifically, the The Power of Nightmares, drop everything you're doing and watch it on Google Video ASAP.

In this one, he follows the ideas of negative liberty vs. positive liberty, and how the assumption that the first one is an inevitable worldwide outcome, and how the second one will always lead to tyranny is a "trap".

Well, that's a very simplistic version of what he covers, but that's the basic summary.

Along the way, lots of oxes get gored, specifically, the still standard economic model (but under attack for years - from more vocal folks like Adbusters and Chomsky) of every human being a perfectly rational processor in some sort of perfect multicore processor we call the "market", and that markets are somehow the ultimate expression of democracy.

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