Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Not since Twin Peaks have I have been this interested in a broadcast TV show's story arc. A few came close - maybe X-files at times. HBO and Showtime have had some really good shows, but they aren't broadcast TV, obviously, and have more flexibility.

I recently checked out Season 4 of Lost from the library and since it had so few episodes, we were able to watch it in a few days over the holiday break.

So many cool references I picked up:

1. Dean Moriarty? Wow!
2. Philip K. Dick's Valis? Double wow!
3. They played a PIXIES song! Okay, now that's just too much cool in one show. ;)

Here's to no shark jumping in January...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder

Someday, I should draw up a list of (recent) books I think constitute a list of books all real patriots should read. This would definitely be on it. Mr. Bugliosi makes a really good case for the title of the book, IMHO.

BUT, as a bonus, there is a section on just how much of a failure Shrub has been in the war on terror - and in fact demonstrates that it would almost be impossible that the man could do any worse! Contrast this section with the treatment Junior gets from the "liberal media" on the war on terror. This section, section 5, should be condensed a bit and printed in some newspaper or magazine that would be bold enough to print it. Better yet, print it in full.

Vincent Bugliosi is an America hero in my book.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Great Choonz

I've been listening to the much-hyped Girl Talk. So far I've only heard Night Ripper. Haven't listened to Feed the Animals yet. Night Ripper is outstanding, and, if the new album is as good as or better, I think, he's worth the hype.

That is, if you like remix/mashup/re-purposing type of stuff. If you like The Avalanches and/or the Danger Mouse Grey Album, you should really like Girl Talk.


For all the hype that Girl Talk gets (and I've seen them discussed even in Wall Street Journal - mostly about the copyright stuff, though), for some reason, in all that hype, I never see much talk about The Kleptones.

Now, if you like Girl Talk I promise that you'll love The Kleptones. They just kick ass, and they released a new work, called Live'r Than You'll Ever Be - The Kleptones At Bestival 2007.

Trust me. Download it and put on your mp3 player, and thank me later. You can find that and more of their stuff at The Kleptones download page at

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