Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Most Selfish Generation

Loved this piece in Salon.com.

Old People to America: Drop Dead

Meanwhile, according to the Urban Institute, up to 22,000 Americans are literally dropping dead each year due to lack of health insurance, and thousands more suffer through a lowered quality of life from failing to receive treatment for debilitating and chronic diseases.

I’m 62 -- old enough to cash in my 401K, yet still too young for Medicare -- and, despite my advancing age, some might view this as just another infantile boomer rant. But I want to put in a word for the idea that the elderly among us are just plain selfish -- as is any group with health insurance that believes what’s good for them is threatened if made available to others.

Some of the comments are great.

Of course, the astroturfing planners use this selfishness to maximum effect. While the "greatest generation" is being bussed into townhalls by FreedumbWorks to yell cogent aphorisms (such as: "NO!" and "BOO!" and "NO PUBLIC OPTION!" and "NO DEATH PANELS!!!") at people, what happens is that we have a battle between generations, while the class warfare - that no one is ever supposed mention, lest they be accused of conducting it themselves (classical projection crafted by the right-wing meme-masters) - rages on, and the elites are winning that class war, believe me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New blog

I've recently printed up some personal business cards (yeah, that sounds a bit like "military intelligence") and thought I'd put an address on there. So I thought I'd start up a new blog as a placeholder of sorts and put that on the card.

This new blog focuses on Java and really, any programming-related nerdery, and you can find it at http://java-and-etc.blogspot.com/.

That way, I can also separate any job/programming-related rambling from this blog of more general rambling, and I can point people that use my open-source projects at that new site, too.

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