Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Switch To OS X

I finally broke down after all these years, and decided to get a MacBook Pro. The tipping point was being able to do iPhone development.

It just came Tuesday, and I'm making the switch.

Any techies out there that have suggestions on best of breed tools, definitely let me know. I'd also be interested in what sort of virtualizing others do.

Currently seeking best of breed tools for:

SFTP client.
Winamp style mp3 player. I'm using SongBird right now, but sometimes it seems bit overbearing. Why do so many apps insist on "importing" my library of songs? I just want to point at them and play them. I want to blame iTunes, but I'm not sure who kicked this off.
Best way to launch apps. Not sure what the out-of-the-box solution is to do it without using touchpad at all. I had a pretty good solution for Windows - putting stuff in start menu - and using key combos to start apps. Kludgey to set up, but nice once it's ready and once the paradigm is understood. I need something like this for OSX. I'm thinking I'm just a noob, and it provides one already.

I'm also all ears when it comes to good books for making the switch. I'm still having some issues finding the right combo of keys, and doing things the OSX way.

Finding a good way to lock the screen with a key combo was much more of a PITA than I would have expected - pretty disappointed that was so hard to figure out. Doing this in KDE or GNOME or Windows was much simpler. Apple could definitely do a better job than that - and no, the hotspot thing doesn't work for me.

SFTP: Transmit by Panic Software seems to be the default paid option with CyberDuck taking the free slot.

App launching: The built-in Spotlight search works well. Hit Cmd-Space and start typing the name of your app or file. Other folks like Quicksilver, but it seems totally redundant these days.
I was going to say CyberDuck as well, it really is a great software package.

I used QuickSilver for about 6 months, but like Jake said it is pretty redundant.

If you are going to do the virtual machine route I would suggest VMware Fusion over Parallels, I tried both, but VMware is much better, and the VMs can move between OSs.

Also Handbrake is a must.

Thanks, guys.

And Handbrake...I used the Windoze version, so that was something I planned on checking out in OSX.

Anyone ever gone to any Mac/Apple user groups?

I see that CoMUG is meeting tomorrow. Looks like an interesting thing - 25 YEARS. Shoot. And I was impressed by how long BJUG has been around...
...oh, and has anyone tried out

I was looking at that last night while sitting in CLUE meeting, but didn't install it.

I meant to ask about that specifically in my post, but of course, forgot.

I also meant to ask: anyone have more than just Windows as a guest OS? Linux and/or some *BSD?
I haven't used virtual box, but I do have several linux VMs, they work great. It is the only way to do it.

Some other apps to get would be flip4mac, perian, and OSX has an awesome implementation of Synergy.

Also you probably need VLC for working with handbrake. And you may want to check out KCNScrew.

I haven't tried any user groups, but I may check CoMUG. Looks pretty cool.
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