Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Not since Twin Peaks have I have been this interested in a broadcast TV show's story arc. A few came close - maybe X-files at times. HBO and Showtime have had some really good shows, but they aren't broadcast TV, obviously, and have more flexibility.

I recently checked out Season 4 of Lost from the library and since it had so few episodes, we were able to watch it in a few days over the holiday break.

So many cool references I picked up:

1. Dean Moriarty? Wow!
2. Philip K. Dick's Valis? Double wow!
3. They played a PIXIES song! Okay, now that's just too much cool in one show. ;)

Here's to no shark jumping in January...

I don't understand this show. Please post a synopsis for all five seasons soon. :D
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