Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I accidentally saw the remake for this Japanese "horror" movie - it wasn't bad, but it was definitely done as a horror movie. The Japanese original may have been marketed as a horror movie (although I'm not sure how it was pitched to the Japanese public), and it had a few memorable creepy moments, no doubt, but it's really a big comment on technologies and their power to isolate and atomize. And although a slow burner and it could stand to be cut down a bit on length, it will leave a much longer impression on a viewer than the average slasher flick...maybe in an unsettling way, but it's definitely good art by that measure. And I guarantee you will give some shadows and/or stains on the wall a second look after this flick. ;)

I don't know what it is, but there's either been a lot of great Asian cinema in the past few years, or else DVDs are just now being cut for Region 1. Either way, I like it. I've been on a real tear of watching movies from the library in general, and I hope to write up my impressions of a few more of them soon.

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