Monday, October 29, 2007

Dark Music For Tortured Souls

Okay, so I'm not a tortured soul, even though I do have musical tastes that include gothic and industrial. But Halloween is my favorite holiday, so Soma FM's doomed station goes perfect with the season. I just may have to send them $50 and get a t-shirt in the bargain since I've been listening to this station a lot off and on the past week...their mix goes *perfect* with the season. Anything that has Coil in the set list gets my approval. Real horrorshow.

Speaking of Halloween, I went looking for Masters of Horror on VOD because I thought that season 3 would have started by now. Turns out that Showtime didn't pick up Season 3. Ack, I was hoping it would be a yearly tradition that would run for a while. Oh well, there's always Fearnet and Fear Fest.

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