Friday, August 31, 2007

Phil Hendrie is BACK!!!!

When Phil decided to hang it up last year, I was so bummed. Now, he's back. I gotta confirm I can find him on the dial in Denver and in any case, sign up for his backstage pass if there is one - I like to listen on the iPod ideally - hopefully, he's canned that lame "podcast" software that wasn't a real podcast, and has instead embraced the RSS.

This is great news.

If you don't know who Phil is, he runs a great show, and it's a playful way to test people's gullibility and reality tunnels. It almost never grows old for me.

if you like phil, you'd probably like kblo too
Yep, KBLO rocks. Also check out

you can listen to mp3s of the new show.
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