Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gmail and Firefox

I've been struggling with this one for weeks now. I have yet to find a solution. Gmail just will. not. work. with. Firefox.

This has started ever since update. I've tried re-installing and running without any plugins whatsoever. Still get timeouts on some script on the page. It doesn't work on FF at work on XP, at home on Ubuntu or W2K. I hate using the non-Javascript enabled version of Gmail, and I hate using IE, not that it's an option for Ubuntu, anyway.

The puzzler is that Google calendar and blogger work fine. No other issues for other sites using Javascript. It's just Gmail as far as I've noticed, and it's got me so irritated, I'm actually thinking of using a shitty mail site like Yahoo or Hotmail (horrors!). I've done some searching around, and the few people talking about this don't seem to have any solutions that work for me.

Any ideas, throw them my way.

I'm in GMail constantly and keep my Firefox install up to date. I'm at myself.

I can't say I've *never* had a problem with GMail, but if I did it was in time before memory. And I've been in it since the original private beta. My only experience is on W2K and XP though.

Ditto all of the other services, with the exception of the iGoogle home page fiasco. That thing is a mess.

Can you be more specific of the symptoms? My first suggestion would be to try disabling extensions in Firefox. One or more could be conflicting.

Thanks, Brian, but I had tried removing all plugins.

I finally found the problem, I think:

And I find iGoogle works?

Try turning on Google Talk in Gmail and let me know how it works. My guess is that it won't. ;)
I use the Google chat in gmail (in the browser) and the stand alone client interchangeably with no problems.

Weird that it doesn't work for you. Glad you got it figured out, though.
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