Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gmail and Firefox - Resolved!

Okay, somehow I think I finally stumbled upon the solution. Mind you, I had tried just about everything - deleting the entire firefox installation dir and reinstalling, and starting totally fresh w/o plugins, wiping the cache, etc. Still had no luck.

Today, I was telling my IT guy about this and he suggested trying another profile (firefox -p on the command line). I tried that out, thinking, hell, why not? I couldn't remember if I had cleared my profile before on one of my re-install tries. Nope, still not working. Hrmmm...

Then I started thinking about that damn Google Talk feature - any way to turn it off? It could be causing the problem, and besides, it kept logging me off my IM session in Trillian.

I clicked on the option in the bottom: "standard without chat", and yep, it disables it.

AND - Firefox now works again with Gmail for me! I bet most people claiming they never had problems with Gmail + Firefox are not using the Google Talk feature. Try it out - turn it on and see how you fare, I'm curious. I, for one, will not be turning it back on. :)

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