Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Deeply Distorted Morality

There was a local story about a poor couple who got shafted - they apparently bought a house with concrete a few inches under their of those little human-interest type stories that are always in the "news" for some reason. Anyway, Tiffany was browsing 9news site and mentioned this to me. Here's the grabber, though:
The Hersheys also admit some of their neighbors didn't like the view.

"I was told I was a disgusting human being because my lawn looked like this," said Jennifer Hershey.

Check out that morality. All I can say is, "wow". No wonder some people have such disproportionate reactions against things like Xeriscaping.

Sigh. Oh well, I guess it's the imprinting. Probably 99% people born into a culture or a "way of life" are never going to question the "logic" of it all...

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