Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Way Democrats Drive Me Nuts

If you've read much of my comments here, you might come to the conclusion that I'm a Democrat. Well that isn't the case even if lately, they seem to be the least criminal of the two major parties.

Here is an example of how they drive me crazy. So a few months ago, there was a big campaign to write your representatives about impeaching Bush. I wrote about this previously. Well, a few weeks ago, I got a letter back from one of the representatives - and it was a form letter telling me that they were not interested in doing that, as that wasn't "on the Democratic agenda" (roughly paraphrasing).

Talk about needing a spinal transplant - stand up for principles, to hell with what the agenda is. All one needs to look at is the wiretapping. That's all you need. You don't even need to talk about things like the Downing Street memo and other issues with this administration. The case to impeach based on ignoring FISA law seems pretty cut and dried.

Bill Maher pointed out that this administration has turned what the U.S. was supposed to be about on its head, and he's absolutely right. Government is supposed to be as transparent as possible, while individual privacy is supposed to be as sacrosanct as possible. That's all backwards now. You have an administration that STILL refuses to let us know what went on for energy policy meetings in 2001 and then orders the NSA to do blanket wiretapping on all of us.

But what should I expect - barring a few outliers (I recently had a comment on this blog telling me to check out a new initiative some Dems are starting) most of the Dems have their eye on the 2008 presidential election. My point is that people obviously voted them in there as a reaction to the criminality and incompetence of this administration - now do something about it.

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