Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Misplaced Anger - Imus

Jesus. So they were able to get Imus yanked from MSNBC simulcast...I have to admit I haven't really followed this (non)story, but it's for things like this that I could never get 100% behind liberals. This Soviet-style show trial of Imus is just so disgusting. I've never listened to the guy, and it sounds like this set of comments along with past ones are outrageous, but all the anger, hand-wringing and hyperbole over this? Honestly, give me a break. Just turn the damn show off if you don't like it. The political correctness crowd always makes me want to vomit. People like Bush and his buddies on Fox and Rush and his many imitators can repeat disinformation served up as talking points ad infinitum, but someone makes some random comment that may be racist, that's when the picketing and the boycotts start. Sheesh. The whole thing just makes me embarrassed to hold so many other liberal views. I think so many liberals have abandoned their principles on this PC issue - it's perfectly okay to disagree with what someone says, and yet still tolerate that speech but that's what makes this country so great.

If liberals want something to get angry about, get real and get angry over something that has serious substance. Where's all the outrage over Bush lying about wiretaps and Iraq? Where's all the outrage over Gonzales condoning torture? How about some outrage over disinfo with the mainstream media itself?

I'm watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann as I write this, and witnessing Jesse Jackson going on and on in self-righteousness and it makes me want to vomit. Why does one group only have a handful of people that supposedly speak for them? Who the hell elected these guys, and why does the media genuflect in front of them over such asinine "issues"? Just about every time I've glanced over at CNN this whole week I've seen Imus or Al Sharpton on the screen. It's almost as if we aren't in Iraq, or that people aren't trying to lie us into yet another war, this time with Iran.

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