Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Mistakes Were Made"

Is anyone else really sick of this overused phrase? Especially when it's said by the person who's made the "mistake"? Usually they aren't "mistakes" at all. I remember Chomsky mentioning this phrase in scenarios like Vietnam, etc., and making a similar observation - about how our foreign policy is indeed no mistake at all, "mistakes" like Vietnam, Iran/Contra and blatant terrorism like Operation Gladio are part and parcel of an overriding theme.

It's just that I've noticed it being used quite a bit in the past few weeks - and it passes almost without comment - except on the Intertubes, of course. Gonzalez has said "mistakes were made" and Maj. Gen. George Weightman said "mistakes were made". Besides stepping down, do these people ever really pay the price?

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