Friday, February 02, 2007

Wingnut Gets Nuttier And Sides With Terrorists

I just cannot believe how nuts the rightwing can get...this exceeds even my worst expectations.

Unless we speak out against the Jane Fondas and Tim Robbins and Sean "Spiccoli" Penn of the world, we will deserve them. Until we drown their pitiful, leftist voices out with shouts of patriotism and support, this will be our fault.

Notice he doesn't say anything like ... "by refuting their arguments with facts" or the like...because reality has a liberal bias, I guess. He is essentially saying shout them down with dogmatic nonsense, AKA "patriotism", which apparently means doing anything corporations, I mean, Republicans, want.

Seeing Jane Fonda Saturday was enough to make me wish the unthinkable: it will take another terror attack on American soil in order to render these left-leaning crazies irrelevant again. Remember how quiet they were after 9/11? No one dared take them seriously. It was the United States against the terrorist world, just like it should be.

If the left is anti-America, why is it that right wingers are always wishing for another attack on America?

This guy sounds like Colbert at his funniest, but he's not kidding. And he throws in the phrase "good American" - how did that work out for the Nazis?

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