Monday, February 26, 2007

"This is who we are"

I finally watched the last episode of MillenniuM, and although it had its share of uneven episodes, this ranks way up there in my list of favorite television. The writing is usually very good - at least the overall "arc" of the series, anyway, the acting is incredible, and the mood just outstanding. So it's only a natural that it ended up on the same trash heap that so many other shows I've liked have ended up - being cancelled early, etc.: Twin Peaks, Carnivale, MST3K, and Arrested Development. Even though it wasn't given nearly enough time to be fleshed out, it was still very satisfying television. Unlike so much other television, nothing is spoon fed, and there is lots of ambiguity - which probably didn't help ratings. The Friday time slot probably didn't help matters, either.

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