Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Corporate Cult

So I've been listening to Rich Zubaty's podcast, The Rude Guy, and I thought I'd give one of his books a try.

Much like his podcast, it's bound to challenge your assumptions. I have to say that the defense of ID was something that almost made me put the book down. ID is baloney, and evolution is basically the backbone of modern biology. The argument can be made that evolution should not be used to disregard religion and/or spirituality, however. That still doesn't mean that ID/creationism has any merit whatsoever in a science class.

Like I said, there is something here that will probably conflict with most everyone's basic assumptions. While overall the book is an attack on corporations, it's the way in which it is carried about that is unique. The attack makes the argument that corporations are basically feminine structures, catering to feminine desires, with a resulting feminization of the culture. Interesting stuff to chew on. It would certainly explain why many conservatives mis-read the causes of culture (the "long shadow" cast by corporations that Chomsky refers to - I forget who originally used that phrasing) and mis-identify, say, the "news" as being "liberal" because of a few socially liberal issues that also happen to dovetail with corporate interests, such as feminism (usually resulting in two incomes which equals more consumption) or attacks on religion (turn people away from anything higher to a religion of acquisition of consumer fetishes).

One thing he mentions in his podcast and again in this book is feminism, and just how distorted its definiton of gender "equality" is. Gender "equality" would be furthered if, say, Hillary or Condi were President. What is not discussed is also having equal representation of women in dirty and dangerous jobs. Only having equal representation in the prestigious/high paying jobs counts. Also rarely discussed is having women register for the draft. Clearly, this isn't really being serious about gender "equality" at all, is just a lot of hot air. These are thoughts I must admit I've had in the past, and mostly kept those to myself, even if they should be blatantly obvious. The few men I've mentioned such things to almost always try to change the subject as if they are afraid of harboring thoughts that aren't doubleplus good.

Rich Zubaty has no such reservations about expressing himself, and it's very refreshing. Just today, in fact, I listened to a podcast in which he laid out why he thinks soldiers don't actually protect us, that in fact, ever since WWII, they enslave us. Highly recommended listening, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

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