Monday, February 05, 2007

ATHF - The Only Thing To Fear Is...Lite-Brite!

Not that I care that much that a corporation has to dish out some money like this for what is essentially getting them lots of publicity - but the principle of the thing just grinds my gears. The people in charge acted incredibly stupid and panicked everyone in the city. The only thing missing at this point is Bush telling him "Heckuva job". I think the mayor and everyone at the top involved should be apologizing, not TBS. I think at least the mayor should apologize to the nation for scaremongering and step down.

Their posturing and fingerpointing is just pathetic, really. I also saw that John Kerry weighed in on the "issue", as well, showing you don't have to be a Republican to be a tool.

Note that a minor detail not often discussed is that the other NINE cities didn't go crying wolf over blinking lights. And damn it, look up the meaning of the word "hoax" - can't the media even get the basics right? These things were up for weeks.

Next, let’s all get out our dictionary and look up “hoax”, shall we? Because while “War of the Worlds” was a hoax, this was not. There was no subterfuge involved, and no effort made to convince people that these devices were bombs. If I see a scary looking tree out my bedroom window, think it’s a monster, and then discover upon closer inspection that it isn’t, it doesn’t mean the tree has perpetrated a hoax against me. What it means is that for a moment I took leave of my senses. And just because I’m embarrassed about it doesn’t give me the right to go cut down the tree.

In other news, we had the bomb squad come to our place of business today...someone left a briefcase in the lobby for an extended period of time.

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