Thursday, January 11, 2007

Robert Anton Wilson - 1/11

So I finally got around to setting up an account on LibraryThing and putting data into it earlier this week. I was noticing how much of old Bob's material was on there and reflecting on how much reading material besides his I've chosen to read because of reading RAW...and then I read that he passed away earlier this morning.

I can't say I'm surprised, though he will be missed. I'm sure there's a new crop of writers that will step in to continue RAW's thoughts and interests. I sure hope so. Maybe Pinchbeck is one - he sure is influenced by him. With McKenna, Leary and now RAW gone, there are definitely some shoes to fill and try to carry this blue marble a little further in the evolutionary process...

It's sad that CNN didn't bother to cover this all day like they did on such trivial topics like the iPhone or a bad smell in Manhattan.

I guess the silver lining is that at least the people that actually matter know who he is and mourn his loss. I was especially interested to see that George Carlin had said in Conversations on the Edge of Apocalypse that he was a huge admirer of RAW. That really resonated with me since I always associated RAW's humor with Carlin's in my head...

As a benefit to those that should know who he is, but don't, you can digg the article over here, and try to push the story to the top. Even Slashdot hasn't mentioned it (yet).

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