Sunday, January 14, 2007

Red State

This movie has its moments of brilliance. I especially liked that he actually challenged the oft-repeated claim that America is founded on Christian (or Biblical) principles. I would like one person that says that to actually back that up, and not with just mythical nonsense about the forefathers, but with actual facts. Many of the founders were deists, which is about as close as to atheism as allowed in polite company at that time, and I'm sure they were quite aware of the crimes of Christianity. That's why no religion is codified, and no mention of God is in the Constitution, people. People were still being burned for witchcraft back in the home country at that time. The Inquisition was not abolished until 1834 in Europe and I'm sure the founders learned a few things as a result of Cromwell and religious fervor in general. That God was omitted from the Constitution was intentional.

Sorry for the diversion, but that retarded claim always gets my back up. I think some of these people might actually know deep down that it's not true, otherwise they wouldn't keep repeating it, mantra-like, as if somehow they could actually MAKE it true by mindlessly repeating it.

For the most part, the director turns on the camera and lets "red staters" indict themselves (mostly unwittingly, I imagine) in their own words. It was enjoyable to watch him trying to dig in a bit on the Wal-Mart thing with one group - I imagine he was curious as to why these people consistently vote against their own economic interests over such goofy non-issues like abortion and gay marriage. Here's one clue: don't like abortion? Don't have one. Don't like gay marriage? Don't marry someone of the same sex!

Speaking of single issue voters, I really enjoyed how one woman stated that if we allow gay marriage, America will have no future...implying that "teh gayness" is so alluring that if actually allowed to get married, then everyone will turn to gayness and there will be no children. I wonder if these people really think it that enticing, and WHY they think so? Maybe this woman was closeted as so many other homophobes seem to turn out to be, hm?

And as for being gay being a choice - people, give me a break. That implies being hetero is a choice, and I can't recall making the choice to be hetero...I just was and still am. America can change whatever public policy they want regarding homosexual rights and you can be sure that people that were actually straight will not suddenly start practicing the gayness overnight. Anyone that says otherwise is probably in the closet.

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