Sunday, January 14, 2007

Note to Self: Use CIFS. Always.

Forgive the detour into some rather mystical Linux incantations...

So I was griping some time ago about Ubuntu, finding a decent mp3 player and connecting to a Samba share on network-attached storage over a wireless network. Turns out I should be using CIFS.

I found this forum entry, and gave the suggestion on there a try, and sure enough, everything works just fine. I was copying massive AVI files over the network TO the share, while also playing mp3s FROM that drive and no problems at all after using CIFS instead...

Sean, you might discover that using CIFS is better than samba in that it doesn't freeze whenever you access the drive in two threads, but depending on how your NAS works, you might also find a lot of frustrations with setting permissions on files and folders on your drive, making it hard to copy to.

I recently solved this problem using NFS after trying SMBFS and then CIFS. I posted about it here:
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