Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MySpace is a Time Machine

...right back to 1994-1996. Anyone remember those days? Unless you were surfing at work, you were probably on dial-up, and 56K felt "fast". MySpace has great 300 baud emulation and seems to have it engaged all the time. The site almost never even works for is this thing so popular when it seems to have the uptime of Windows 3.1?

And remember the design of people's home pages then? Blinking text everywhere, lots of background images with text over top of the image, or just as bad, poorly mismatched color for text vs. background, and all sorts of distracting doo-dads flashing everywhere. I remember I used to sub to Wired magazine, and it had a similarly painful format, which I eventually had to quit reading mostly due to that (and way too much hype), even though at that time I did harbor some sympathies with the whole techno-libertarian thing (and still do). One of the funniest things the MST3K guys ever said was for the opening credits of a movie they were ripping on with horrible, horrible, 80's-style graphics: "Still, it's better than reading Wired magazine".

Well, Myspace seems to have that emulation fully engaged, all the time, thanks to many of its members seemingly not caring a whit about readability, usability, etc.

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