Monday, January 15, 2007


So I made a comment about how today would be the annual national self-flagellation day when it comes to MLK - however, it's all pomp and circumstance and little substance. The media always seems to overlook much of MLK's legacy, specifically, speaking out on more than issues of race.

A few months ago, the Out There podcast did a very excellent podcast in two parts in which they discuss MLK and the "conspiracy theories" surrounding his death. What they do a very good job is mentioning that if there truly was a conspiracy to kill him, it wouldn't be for his stance on would probably be his anti-war stance and/or his thoughts on class struggle.

I recently popped over to democraticunderground, and they have video of the same speech that the Out There guys played. Check it out...I think they are right. You won't see Blitzer and crew going over this speech with blow by blow comments.

If you are tired of the horse manure served up as the whole truth about MLK, I cannot recommend the Out There podcast on MLK enough - it's called Murder in Memphis part I & II. I also recommend the show in general, as well.

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