Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jan 15th - DIY Impeachment

A while ago, I mentioned the DIY impeachment initiative, with a blitz that is supposed to happen on Jan 15th. We'll have to see if the mainstream "liberal media" covers this to any sort of degree - and doing it without dismissing it with contempt.

I'm talking about the same "liberal media" that allowed CNN to cover a funny smell in Manhattan virtually non-stop last Monday, and then covered such important news as Apple's iPhone virtually all day Tuesday. Um, we just had a turnover of power in the United States, we have a majority of Americans who want Bush to be impeached, we are conducting at least two known wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) and people are saber-rattling for a third (Iran), and CNN chooses THESE topics to spend so much air-time on? And these more serious topics if we only choose insular topics - there is much world news to cover. To cover funny smells or consumer fetishes (not to mention covering such D-grade celebrities as Paris) to this degree is just plain embarrassing. And I haven't even bothered lately to watch Faux News to see what they considered newsworthy.

I'm not holding my breath for this to get significant and sympathetic coverage.

Besides, this might not have been the best day to pick as most "news" on the 15th will be busy adulating (only part of) MLK's legacy to assuage white guilt in the typical yearly ritual. More about MLK in another entry...

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