Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Greasemonkey Housekeeping

So I recently had to update some of my Greasemonkey scripts, as my Google Dual Index was semi-broken on the blogger search - it was inserting the copy of the index right after the first result instead of before.

I also had created a copy of my Amazon search for someone else's library since they had asked about it, and had yet to acquire the Javascript/XML/HTML skills yet to do it themselves. It turns out the library in question (Stark County) uses the same software that Adams County does here in Colorado, so cloning it was pretty easy.

I've been purging older copies of scripts as time goes on, and the first I created sometime in late 2005. The very oldest one I still have around has a number of 2000-something. The newest has something in the 7000's. That means in about a year and some months, about 5000 scripts have been written - and that's just the ones that are managed on userscripts.org. It's pretty cool to see so much adoption and use of Greasemonkey.

I still have more work to do - I need to re-work my Google Number results script to number results on more than just the web search - I'd like to number results on froogle, groups, blogger for starters.

Hi - sorry but not here to talk 'bout scripts - becuz I don't know jack about them.
I clicked thru to here from Robert Anton Wilson's blogspot. May he rest in peace. am hitting up a few people who seemed to admire RAW becuz I have been putting up a site for a friend of mine who is a psychologist/OT in Ireland. Anyway, his brand of psychology is based around things very similar to the RAW view of the world - rejecting positive classifications of the world, for instance - and he cites RAW regularly in his work, as well as people like james Carse and Alan Watts, people who tend to have a world-view more in tune with that of the Eastern philosophies than is generally the case in the west.

'scuse me if u see something similar to this on other blogspot pages - as I say, I'm hitting up a few people who seem like they might be into this stuff. Which i guess makes me kinda a spammer... don't rat me out... I can't go back to that place again... noooo!!!!
oh yeah - http://www.radicaluncertainty.com

some spammer.
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