Monday, December 11, 2006

Kerouac & Dr. HST

Denver Public Library has upcoming events that showcase both of these authors.

From the site:
This winter, the Denver Public Library will be exhibiting the original 120-foot scroll on which Kerouac wrote his first typewritten draft of On The Road. Celebrate this historic event with live performances and exhibits offered in and around the Denver Public Library.

For Hunter S. Thompson:
A tribute to the late, great Hunter S. Thompson who was deeply influenced by the writings of Jack Kerouac. David Amram accompanies spoken-word readings by Thompson’s son and grandson, Juan and Will Thompson, and Thompson’s widow, Anita Thompson.

Wonder how many of those right-wing dunderheads that were babbling about HST when he killed himself are going to be showing up - of course, I'd bet virtually none of these folks knew even who the guy was before he killed himself.

Sorry, wasn't sure of how else to contact you. I've installed your greasemonkey program for the Jeffco library lookup on Amazon and I wanted to do one that would search my local library and then world cat. I have no idea what I'm doing though and wondered if it would be as simple and replacing your library info with mine or if there is a lot more to it? It'd be great if there was just a simple form someone could fill out that would modify the program like that. My email is if it'd be easier to contact me that way. Thanks!
Good point, I wonder that too after reading that.

TGIF Penn.
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