Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voting in 2006

So I got to the polling place before it opened at 7am...waited a few minutes, then I hear this: "Well, there is good news, and bad news. Good news is that we are ready to go at 7. The bad news is that the PCs aren't ready." - and out loud, I said, something like, "Oh, greeeeeat". No one else seemed to have heard the man who had said that or realize the implications.

Then 7 rolls around. The same man tells that the PCs are not working for entire county of Denver, but that, don't worry, we are ready with provisional ballots. Well, I bailed on that - it's my understanding that provisional ballots occupy a rather grey area. So now I'm at home, waiting to go in again in a few to see if the PCs are up. Not that electronic votes cannot be stolen - as anyone who's been paying attention knows, there are plenty of concerns over Diebold, etc., but it's my understanding that provisional ballots aren't even counted until eligibility has been determined, and I seriously doubt they are counted before elections are called for candidates.

I think next time I'll either do early voting or absentee ballots. I may have to try to determine the way of voting that is statistically least likely to be stolen and use that.

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