Saturday, November 04, 2006

Richard Dawkins

I think Richard Dawkins is getting so much exposure lately that he almost risks overexposure. In addition to having a top-selling book, I've heard him on Penn Jillette's podcast, he was on Daily Show, and this week South Park did/is doing a (two part?) episode with him as a character.

It's nice to see people in the spotlight who aren't cowering when it comes to challenging doctrinal nonsense, and instead are constantly piping up and saying exactly what they think about religion. I can only hope this continues - Penn was on the Daily Show this week as well, and he is equally outspoken about religion.

In addition to this, Sam Harris is firing his volleys as well, and the movie "The God Who Wasn't There" came out blasting away at religious dogma (if you read his book carefully, I don't think he completely discounts all possibility of the supernatural) as well. Maybe all this is signaling that a rise of secular reason and an eventual withering away of doctrine is possible.

He also made a very timely piece on big old hypocrite (is anyone surprised when a Christian turns out to be one gigantic hypocrite?) Ted Haggard. Pretty funny that he threatens Dawkins with having him thrown in jail - now it looks like Haggard himself may have the possibility of jail.

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