Saturday, November 25, 2006

630 AM Getting Punked?

Last week, I was listening to 630 KHOW with Peter Boyles - I had turned off the iPod for a minute and decided to dial around and hear what Laura might be bleating about, but instead, she was on a I popped over to 630 AM and listened to Peter Boyles for a bit. He had a caller, that - get this - thought that taking ecstasy "turns any straight man gay". I have a hard time getting my head around the fact that there are people actually able to get through an entire day without a nurse or a parent assisting them, and at the same time, believe such nonsense. I missed the whole set-up and the beginning of the call, but I think he was some apologist for Haggard's behavior. I'll bet anything that that same idiot believes everything Rush or Hannity or Ingraham tells him.

I'm sure this guy is the one who keeps so many stupid urban legends alive, like the one about Marilyn Manson and having his rib removed, etc.

Maybe he still signs his name in crayon.

I'll bet he also thinks we found WMDs in Iraq. Like Santorum.

But, like watching a trainwreck, I couldn't turn away - I kept listening until I arrived at work. I was waiting for the guy to yell "bababooey" and hang up, but it never happened. It was like listening to a Phil Hendrie bit, except it wasn't.

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