Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wallace on the "Fair and Balanced" Network

Is there any way people could start a class-action lawsuit against Faux "News" for false advertising? Fair and balanced, my ass.

So Wallace tried to do a hatchet job on Clinton, and Rethuglicans and their fellow travelers acted all shocked and taken aback that Clinton would call him out on it...and apparently Fox even went out of their way to edit that interview to make Clinton look rabid and crazy. I have my problems with Clinton, but he's right on about only asking him certain questions and then tossing softballs to neocons.

You're telling me he couldn't ask one question of Condi when he gets at least 20K emails on it, and then justifies asking Clinton the same question because he supposedly got emails.

One might as well watch the Cartoon Network to get one's news - the signal to noise ratio is about the same as Faux "News".

What interests me most about Chris Wallace, and David Frum for that matter, is that both are the offspring of arch-liberal 60s-70s icons, Mike Wallace and Barbara Frum, respectively.

Chris and David grew up to become cartoon character arch-reactionaries -- the archetypal "other" of their presumably "wise" parents.

This would be like my infant daughter growing up to become a word-of-mouth agent for Merck or Pepsi. If that happens, I gotta think it will mean I wasn't exactly the best dad in the world.

That's not to say I expect her to beleive all the things that I do.
Just that if she ends up believing the precise opposite, that will mean something.

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