Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some Linux Successes

I've had some breakthroughs in the past few weeks. First, on the laptop, I was able to get what sounds like the proper volume by using a patch on the alsadriver code, compiling and installing.

My ongoing DVR project (installing MythTV) had some success, as well. A few weeks ago at a Linux group, I was given a projector my our gracious host to use. I was able to get X to go out via NTSC to the projector. Since there was no cable feed there to use, I couldn't test the other bits, and haven't set it up at home to try that part out yet, either. But it's getting there.

BTW, you should install Amarok and give it a try with Mp3's. You'll have to install some extra xine foo (I believe) to get it to play "restricted" formats, but it's a really sweet audio player. I'd recommend using it with MySQL or PostgreSQL for the library back-end though (I'm using PGSQL).

Also, it integrates with is much more than just streaming music.. once you start feeding it what you're listening to it's pretty sweet..
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