Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shelley The Republican

Brandon mentioned the hilarious blog Shelley the Republican in the comments on a previous posting. Their stuff is great - done in the style of Colbert or Phil Hendrie.

They recently put up a hilarious posting about Apple computers.

They also have a great entry called "It's time to teach the controversy" with this side-splitter:

We have never been members of the KKK. We merely wish to remain open-minded about American history. I was not around in the golden age of KKK, so all I am saying is that the liberal media (especially Wikipedia) might have distorted the truth about the Klan.

If that sort of stuff makes you laugh, you'll love this blog, because it has lots of similar material (and funny pics to go with).

The Apple post is a winner-- in particular when "she" mentions that Bonzai Buddy is not available on the Mac. That one killed me.
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