Sunday, October 08, 2006

One For The Yellow Ribbon Crowd

The little dance number done by these guys is targeted right at the yellow ribbon crowd.

Remember: it's patriotic to stick a yellow ribbon on your car(extra points if it's an SUV!); it's not patriotic to bring up issues about body armor or even the legitimacy of the Iraq war - as the right wing noise machine always reminds us: they volunteered, so that means no one can ever question what they are being asked to do or under what conditions they are asked to do it.

Speaking of Yellow Ribbons and the like, I came across this blog a day or two ago which has been making me giggle.
Okay, LOL, I have to go to bed, I think - I checked that blog out and for a bit thought it was real. Yikes. I know there are some insanely stupid people out there, but that can't be real.
Yeah, it's not real. I had a long period of "this can't be real" when I first came across this entry until I saw that someone posted something about their site being hosted on Linux. Too funny. Reminded me of the first time I listened to Phil Hendrie.
Yeah, the comparison to Phil is apt, since they give you just enough clues in some posts for the alert person to pick up on. Some are just overtly ridiculous, though, and scrolling down I found those. I'm pretty sure I saw the Linux references and that made my mind up.

I think my jaw was on my chest when I reading some of the stuff about the Nobel prize winners, though. Then too much data was slipping through the cracks for the average ID/creationist jackass. The word "eurotrash" seemed a bit too New York hipster and less flyover "heartland" redneck.

The fact that they are talking about cosmic backround radiation was too much - these ID supporters never read much about real science - they are just sure that their ancestor was Adam, and that ehvahlution is the tool of the devil in the hands of those communist secular humanists. :)
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