Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Thinking On Transparency

Okay, so this latest big thing shows just how despicable our supposed representatives are, and it's only the latest in a long string. So before any idiots in Washington push one more iota of surveillance on we, the people, I propose that any continuing surveillance and any new surveillance is piloted on them first.

I've already proposed that we test for steroid use in the police force - frequently and rigorously by a third party group that is not part of the fraternal order of police.

Tom Delay has supposedly said something to the effect of (when lighting up a cigarette) that he "is the government". Well, he (and Foley and Hastert and Abramoff and others) has demonstrated that that power needs some checks. In the modern world, I think that check should be constant monitoring day and night of the legislative and executive branch - audio/video all day long at work, all calls monitored and transcribed into text. All computer, cell, and land lines at home would be monitored in the same manner, and all this made available to the public. Any meetings with anyone anywhere would have the names of everyone involved and who or what interest they represent. No more closed door meetings conducted by the likes of Cheney to come up with national energy policy. No more people from legislative branch or homeland security trying to solicit sex from minors...

And any protest at all from these folks and I have to ask the standard question:

What do you have to hide?

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