Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More On Robert Anton Wilson

BoingBoing updated their page with some news about Bob and his recent financial trouble. Man, what a great crowd of people - I've seen some very good comments and blog entries on old Bob, and it's really nice to see the good in folks. It's even better to see that Bob's situation (at least financially) has improved, and he can stay home. Of course, there are always dumbshits out there who don't know who RAW is or the situation, but many commented anyway - the story about RAW made it on to Slashdot, and some of the comments are just terribly stupid.

I generally have a habit of keeping my farking mouth shut when I don't know shit from Shinola about something, but it seems many on Slashdot don't bother with any such notions...maybe it's just me, but that site has really seemed to jump the shark the past few years - maybe the commenting system got changed or something, but some of the dumbest remarks can get marked with a 4 or 5, and I just don't understand that. For someone to call him a "fringe sci-fi author" displays significant ignorance - I don't think Illuminatus! went out of print, something which rarely happens with any fiction, let alone sci-fi.

Oh well. I guess the world will always produce Hunter S. Thompsons and Robert Anton Wilsons and Bill Hicks, etc., along with way too many sanctimonious jackasses who don't get it and instead choose to wallow in their jackass-ed-ness and only value things that make lots of money.

Even back when the only thing I had read from Bob was the Illuminatus Trilogy, he would have ranked as possibly the top five of people I'd like to meet (I read the Trilogy at least 3 times, the first time in frosh year of uni). After reading his other stuff, I'd say he moved up into the number one or two spot.

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