Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Keith Olbermann

I have to admit I've never seen this show, but seeing so many blogs about his "special comments" of late, I thought I'd watch one online. I downloaded this WMV and played it. Holy cow, someone with a dissenting opinion on television with a spine (not sure if he's a liberal or not, but usually the people propped up as "liberals" are usually moderates. If they aren't moderates, a criteria seems to be that they are shrieky and/or non-telegenic)!

Check out Olbermann on Bush's (most recent) lies. This guy isn't pulling any punches, and it's not a silly diatribe in the vein of O'Reilly - it's measured and backed by something other than "truthiness".

I fear for this guy's job(I cannot see corporate masters letting someone like this who makes so much sense and articulates it so well to stick around, but who knows), but I'm gonna start Tivo'ing his show. Over on Youtube, I saw some comment on a Olbermann video saying his numbers are better than O'Reilly's.

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