Sunday, October 01, 2006

GM and Hannity

If there are still people wondering why GM is in trouble, look no further than their recent ad campaigns. First they throw Rosa Parks into some ad for cars - huh?

Then to propose to involve an un-American faux patriot flag-waver like Hannity with GM - how out of touch can you be? GM probably already has a good deal of the dittohead market segment and maybe they thought they would shore that up by hiring a knuckle-dragger like Hannity, but now they just lost anyone moderate or liberal.

Hiring someone as controversial as Hannity is just bad business. What's next, Ann Coulter? How about Lyndon LaRouche?

As for buying an "American" car making you patriotic...LOL. Technically, I guess Mexico and Canada are also American, but I don't think jobs lost to Mexico is what the campaign is trying to evoke...

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