Sunday, October 29, 2006

Firefox 2, QuickCheck and DenverLibPlus

So I finally downloaded the released Firefox 2 on one of my machines, and it seems to be not that much different from 1.5.x - immediately noticeable is that one doesn't need to install the Tab-X extension anymore to get the close boxes on each tab.

In any case, I had to do this to update my extensions, as I've had a few people email me about them and ask if I was going to update them or not.

I have updated my extensions, but they are pending approval on which can take some time. In the meantime, if you want updates, I can email you the updated .xpi file or files on request. In the event that DenverLibPlus gets rejected (again) over on, I'm going to try to find a better place to host than

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