Friday, October 13, 2006

Denver Development Name Generator

Saw this on BoingBoing - a Denver Development Name Generator. I'm always amused at all the pretentious names given to some of these areas myself. It's even funnier when people take them seriously - I live in the 'burbs and don't have any illusions about its grandeur, but many do.

Many/most McMansion neighborhoods strike me as "projects" for the middle class, and I'm sure many inner-city projects have misnomers like "The Pines", etc. - which I'm sure fools no one. Pretty ironic when you know that the boom in the suburbs/exurbs is driven by white flight, and they end up in similarly regimented areas only with really pompous and ridiculous misnomers which fool damn near everyone.

One more reason to love Showtime's Weeds - really does a good job at poking fun at the burbs. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes not - the title song is really an in your face condemnation of "ticky tacky" houses (and people) that are "all the same".

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