Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Costco is selling emergency food kits

Maybe I'm just extra alert about things that really shouldn't matter much. Still, I cannot help but wonder why Costco is selling these emergency food kits. They come in these buckets that are about the same size as the containers drywall cement often comes in and if I recall correctly, they have food for 90 days?

Does Costco know something the rest of us sheople don't know, or are they just taking the economically rational course that so many other companies and individuals are doing - cashing in on the fears?

I don't know about all the metaphysical stuff that the LDS (Mormons) believe in, but their idea of having a year's worth of supplies socked away doesn't sound like too shabby of an idea.

Yes, I saw that on a recent trip to Costco also. It does make you think!
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