Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Actual news on CNN

A hilarious deconstruction of CNN's home page on DailyKos. What's funny is that the broadcast isn't much better - maybe even worse. I'd like to see a breakdown of real news vs. distraction, U.S. news vs. world news over 24 hours on CNN. Once you subtract the stories on Paris and similar D-grade celebrities, Madonna's adopted baby, the commercials, the live coverage of random events (and real journalists seem to decry live coverage as being generally useless to providing any context and thus any real information anyway) and I bet it boils down to about an hour of actual news.

If you believe the wingnut crowd, CNN is supposed to be "liberal". A laughable idea, and immediately dismissed if one actually watches for a while. Just because they don't always dance around sensitive wingnut's pet issues doesn't mean they have a "liberal agenda". Anyway, they piled on as well when Air America announced chapter 11 - when watching some coverage of it (it was on mute, but I saw the bottom 1/3's title) the faces looked positively gleeful. I later read commentary on DailyKos and elsewhere that confirmed this gleefulness. I wonder if, when discussing Air America, they brought up the fact that Fox News itself was losing something like 90 million a year when it first started, and that wingnut paper Washington Times lost millions as well, and maybe still does.

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