Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Yes Men

I just cannot believe how many great documentaries I've been finding and watching lately. This time, it's the Yes Men.

The basic premise of this is this - the Yes Men had been given Due to GATT being the "predecessor agreement" to the WTO, many folks thought that they were from the WTO, and send them invitations to speak in front of their group.

So these guys then pull off what amounts to a political "Punk'd" (they call it "identity correction", LOL) - if they can raise awareness of just what the WTO is, all the better - although you won't find much description of what WTO is here, at least some folks may become interested to find out exactly what the WTO is, and what those protests are about. The corporate media only really covers those protests when they turn violent, and never touch on the issues, you'll notice.

This one gets a 10 out of 10 from me, if only because I just laughed so much. I cannot say they articulated why the WTO is something they are against, but it at least provides a good entry point for people who never even heard of the WTO. Too bad this one didn't get the high profile release that something like Fahrenheit 9/11 got...

Make sure you see the infamous "executive leisure suit". So funny. Also, during the same presentation, he makes a direct comparison (along with pictures) of modern day workers in 3rd world countries to the slaves pre-American Civil War! And no one bats an eyelash! Then catch the presentation on the "Reburger". Blech. It's nice to see at least the college students haven't sold their soul to their corporate masters yet.

BTW, it can be found over on Google Video.

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