Sunday, September 10, 2006

Those Caring Creationists

I was listening to P.Z. Myers talk on The Infidel Guy podcast about the failure of Intelligent Design. To be honest, I don't remember hearing the name P.Z. Myers before, but I liked what I was hearing, and I heard that he has a very popular science blog called Pharyngula, so I thought I'd check it out. I tend to agree with his sentiments that science people tend to be wayyyy too flip-floppy on coming out against religion, at least when it trys to pretend to be science. It's nice to hear a scientist that has the spine to say it: as more people learn about science, the more religion (at least organized religion) withers away. Also, as he pointed out, the further in people go and the higher up they go, the more non-theist they tend to be. So of course, theists would view that as a threat, and their dogmatic attempts to bring religious superstitious into the science class is clearly a "rational" decision to try to get rid of science at it exists now. It's clearly not just about evolution vs. some crazy religious right flim-flam artists, it's also about trying to pollute the public mind about what science is.

Anyway, on to this guy's blog. When I went over there, I saw the entry on Ken Ham. Normally, I find these gomers over on Answers In Genesis to be an all out great read - if only because I'm laughing at them, the poor things. They believe they are actually thinking. This time, I'm just shocked at what insensitive jerks they are. So, a person like Steve Irwin dies, and this piece of garbage (Ken Ham) takes it upon himself to use that to proselytize his ridiculous worldview because Steve mentioned evolution over the course of his career? Way to go, genius.

BTW, I love when some religious zealot pops up to reply on blogs like Pharyngala. They always come off so (cough) intelligent. For an example, see the comment from a certain fellow named Ronald. I think this guy only reads Jack Chick tracts.

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