Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Term "Islamofascist"

Within my remarks on Operation Northwoods, I went off on a tangent about why I think the (PR) term "Islamofascist" is trying to be pushed into the public consciousness.

I forgot to mention the article that made its rounds on the internets about the checklist of fascism. It's from Free Inquiry magazine, and blast, before I started my subscription.

Anyway, if you read over that list, you can see why I think that term will really blow up in the face of the spinners. They should have tried to float "Islamocommies" or something else like "Islamochildmolesters" or "Islamohomos". If they could somehow work in a tie to atheists they could really get people riled up since apparently atheists are the least trusted people in America. Alas, even a total idiot would see that those terms together make no sense.

I think this term will end up on the same heap of PR terms as "freedom fries".

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