Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Teaching Dogs New Tricks

So Tiffany and I heard what sounded like our dogs howling in the backyard, but all five of the basset hounds at our house were inside...odd. Maybe our neighbors added a hound to their pool of dogs. Tiffany walks around the block to their house and talks to them - turns out that at least one of their Rottweilers "learned" how to howl like a basset - which they weren't exactly thrilled about. I don't know which one of our dogs they learned it from - maybe all of them - although Brodie AKA "Mr. B" is a likely suspect (seen on the bed)...Wrigley is another suspect - shown squinching his eyes shut when the flash went off. I find it terribly funny - the howl is good enough to fool me until I really listen closely - it doesn't sound exactly like any of ours, so then I know it's not one of ours. But it's sure to fool just about everyone else, so that's the downside - others in the area are bound to think it's OUR dogs making the noise when in fact it's the neighbors'.

On a side note, I'm currently reading Global Brain and in there Howard Bloom is discussing how animals can learn from one another and pass it down the generations (for example, birds and squid). Well, I'm definitely convinced.

How annoying, howl cloning!

No one has copied anything I do, but I must have come from the background of a rabbit or something, as I have found an urge to dig holes in the ground!

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PS How'd you get your sight to look so professional. My human mummy does not seem to have any techno knowledge. Very much at early blog stage.
I didn't do much on the site - it's just one of the standard templates that blogger provides.
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