Sunday, September 10, 2006

Operation Northwoods Bubbles Up To Mainstream

Operations Northwoods apparently has bubbled up to mainstream media somehow last week - I'm not sure why it's only being discussed now?

I found this story being referenced on the interesting blog Terrorism News.

From the story:

Recently, on August 29th 2006, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld recounted what he called "the lessons of history," including the failed efforts to appease the right-wing Adolf Hitler regime of the 1930s.

"I recount this history because once again we face the same kind of challenges in efforts to confront the rising threat of a new type of fascism," said Rumsfeld.

As a senior media critic, Zwicker strongly recommends that all media people indeed follow Rumsfeld’s suggestions in learning the lessons of Nazi history. He points to researching Hitler’s rise to power and how he created a fascist state where there was suppression of the opposition through secrecy, terror, torture and censorship, all justified under nationalism and patriotism.

He also believes that journalists should research and publish more about how Hitler's Nazis manipulated the German population into wars, using psychological manipulation and behavior modification by inducing trauma and fear in others, a process of trauma-based mind control referred to in the now declassified
CIA files of "MK ULTRA." To order declassified MK ULTRA documents from the CIA, go to:

Zwicker believes that the media must investigate and report on whether these fear-based psychological manipulation techniques have been or are being put into application by US leaders in our post 9/11 world, as they appear to be. 9/11 caused much trauma and fear.

Concerned with the direction that the US has headed since 9/11, Dr. Robert M. Bowman, referring to the Bush / Cheney administration during a radio interview, said: "I think there's been nothing closer to fascism than what we've seen lately from this government.”

It's funny how the far right have been bandying about this term "Islamofascists" - I've heard it for used for years, but lately there seems to be a real push for this into the mainstream corporate media as well, and not just the full-of-crap fringes like Michael Weiner (AKA Savage) and Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham etc.

I suspect pushing this term is trying to serve two purposes. Language can cloud effective thinking, and I'm sure that both purposes serve that. Just like the term "terrorist" is virtually meaningless in the way it is applied by our leaders and corporate media, this term Islamofascists can also cloud the public mind. The goals I think are this:

1. Deflect people from using the term "radical fundamentalists" or "religious fundamentalists". That can only have people notice that we have Christians in this country (some at the top, no less) who are radical fundamentalists and religious fundamentalists. We are not supposed to notice that, we must focus on the Islamic part, not the fundamentalist part.

2. The "fascist" part then allows our "leaders" to draw parallels to WWII and compare today's dissidents with those that would appease Hitler. Of course, absolutely ridiculous and in no way comparable, but this term is not aimed at thinking people, it's aimed at keeping the sheople in line and steering them away from thinking. If it's repeated enough...

The problem is that "fascism" means something along the lines of hyper-nationalism and a strong relationship between government and corporations. I think using that term will backfire on the elite opinion-makers - people just might notice that it rings a bell, and it's way too close to home. It certainly doesn't make much sense when applied to Islamic fundamentalists when it comes to government and corporations getting intertwined.

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