Monday, September 11, 2006

Letter To A Christian Nation

So I'm partway through another podcast of the Infidel Guy's. This time he's talking to Sam Harris, and when I saw that's who the guest was on iTunes, I definitely looked forward to hearing it.

I've read The End of Faith, he talks quite a bit in The God Who Wasn't There (trailer also here if you don't like QT - definitely check out one of the versions of the trailer - the trailer lets some of the proponents of that other "religion of peace" speak for themselves. yikes.), and I've read a piece he wrote for the Skeptical Inquirer.

I'm not done with the podcast yet - but this time, he's talking about his new book which is due out Sep 19th. He talks about how many responses he had received from his book End of Faith, and how responding individually to them became overwhelming, so he instead wrote this book. I already had this book on hold at the lib, but hearing the podcast definitely whet the appetite. It's interesting that Sam Harris doesn't want to divulge his address, due to safety concerns.

In a similar vein, another interesting-looking book also due out this fall: The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins.

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