Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bush & Books

A few weeks ago, we were witness to a drastic shift in Bush's image: instead of the usual anti-intellectualism that Bush projects (probably done for the benefit of his religious right base - people can read, as long as it's the Bible or Left Behind, but beyond that, you're in danger of being a "wonk", a "poindexter" or worse, you could "look French"!), we were told that he read something like 60 books so far this year. I really thought that was a lot, being quite the life-time bookworm myself. I was catching up on old Bill Maher's shows and he made such a deal about this, that I got to thinking about it again.

So I decided to go back in my journal and take a look. Including a book I just finished yesterday (American Theocracy), I've only read 57 books so far this year.

Even if all 60 of those books were fiction, and he actually did read that many, I'm impressed.

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