Sunday, September 24, 2006

The ACLU Freedom Files

The guys have done it again...I think it should be the duty of every real patriotic American to watch these 1/2 hour shorts on various aspects of American freedoms. And by "patriotic", I don't mean the faux type - what Mickey Z calls the yellow ribbon crowd.

One takeaway I had from this - what would you call it if someone knocks on your door at some strange hour in the early morning and then rips apart your house? What would you call it if you were shot (and permanently scarred after a brief brush with the possibility of losing a limb - wait until you see the pictures of the damage and the resulting scar) while peacefully demonstrating? What would you call it if you and quite a few others while protesting on city streets were rounded up and effectively kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location for about a day? What about bust into your kid's school and hold guns to children's heads? I think nearly anyone would call that criminal, if not outright terrorism. But because those actions are being carried out by "our" police, somehow we are supposed to view this as okay. A few of the episodes are over here on the ACLU site.

And for the dipsticks who think the ACLU are some sort of godless commies out to destroy America, as one person on here put it (paraphrasing): "I don't think they realize it, but we are fighting for their rights, too" - regarding ID being taught in school. Totally agreed on that - let's say we declare that we can have religion taught in the science classroom - which one? Christianity? That won't cut it, since nearly every sect within Christianity would be quibbling over all sorts of trivia that differentiates the sects of Christianity. As the first episode in the series shows, one sect of Christianity took over a school and town, and effectively ran one family out (also Christian, but not the right kind of Christians, apparently) via fear and intimidation.

The series spends a whole episode on the Drug War and the damage it is causing to people and what it's done to our Bill of Rights. I think the whole idea of the Piss Police is ridiculous and Orwellian - I remember RAW talking about how even Orwell didn't go that far - it would have been beyond parody in 1948 to imagine that it could be this ridiculous. But.... if we are going to have people running around demanding bodily fluids from our citizens, I suggest we start with the police. The more footage I see of these guys, the more I'm convinced that juicing is rampant in the police force. People just aren't that big naturally. If there is one group we don't need on a 'roid rage, it's anyone in any enforcement agency. W was all worried about steroid use in baseball? Screw that, let's focus on the cops - they actually affect people's lives in very drastic ways - sports is just idle entertainment and fantasy.

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