Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tinfoil Hats

I'd like to just immediately discount the 9/11 conspiracy theories in Loose Change and the 9/11 Truth Movement. The official storyline (even if the motives given are ridiculous - only the dumbest of children can really believe they attacked us because "they hate our freedoms") is the easiest one to believe, and I think Occam's razor applies here. However, some of the information in here did give me pause to think, even if the entry in Wikipedia does much to refute those points.

I guess the reason I am given pause to think is that without evidence, many other American government misdeeds would have been considered only fodder for the tinfoil-hat-wearing crowd, and just another "conspiracy theory" along with who-shot-JFK style theories. Until the proof came out via whistleblowers or hard evidence, these were just considered crackpot theories, too. Consider a short list:

Operation Mongoose
Pentagon Papers
The recent warrantless wiretapping
School of the Americas

So I don't think these people are as nuts as others would like to think - I think a healthy suspicion of your government can only be a good thing, given the long history of deception. Here's the rub - I cannot think up a "cui bono" that makes sense in this case. If you were doing this as an inside job, why attack the Pentagon? Why attack the WTC? I understand the Reichstag sort of thinking - instilling fear to control people's thinking, kill all dissent and end all rights, but this could have been done in other ways, I would think.

Other problems: where are the people on these flights that supposedly didn't really crash? Where did they go? Gitmo? Why use airplanes at all, why not just use a truck bomb and have demolition charges take the towers down? If demolition charges were used, the sheer logistics of that is overwhelming. How would they be wired so that no one could see them? Wouldn't that take a huge effort? And on and on...

I remain unconvinced of any inside job on this. I do remain convinced of our government's absolute and complete dysfunction (to put it nicely) when it comes to foreign policy, but I just cannot find anything substantive in these 9/11 theories - in this case, it does seem that the consensus reality position on this seems to be the most correct. I could always be proven wrong and/or convinced if some evidence came to light.

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